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Marin Pizza Now Open At Town Center Corte Madera – First Ever Farm-To-Table Make-Your-Own-Pizza Restaurant

CORTE MADERA, Calif. (March 25, 2018) – As part of the recent center wide renovation, Marin Pizza just opened the first ever farm-to-table make-your-own-pizza restaurant at Town Center Corte Madera. Longtime Tiburon resident Tom Wyman opened the restaurant with his partner Michael McGuan, who had previously opened and operated the two Farm Burger locations in the Bay Area. Executive Chef Joshua Moser from Southern California brings his pizza expertise and broad cooking palate to Marin Pizza, to create a flavorful and healthy assortment of artisan pizzas and a full assortment of salads.

From Pt. Reyes Farmstead blue cheese and Laurel Chenel goat cheese to Fra’ Mani cured meats and Rancho Llano Seco pork, Marin Pizza has developed partnerships with local farmers, ranches and artisans to provide sustainable healthy food. The menu features thin crust pizzas with gluten-free options, more than 30 farm fresh toppings. Not feeling like pizza?  Then build your own salad or pick one of the half dozen signature salads from Chicken Caesar and Cobb to Marin House or a Summer Salad. More than a dozen local award-winning microbrews and fine wines are offered at the indoor sports bar and outdoor patio dining area.

“The farm-to-table trend is alive in Marin Country, which is why we chose Town Center Corte Madera for our first location,” said Wyman. “We are offering high quality fast food at a good price. Individual pizzas are $12.95 each, whether it’s build-your-own or one of our signature pizzas. Good, healthy food does not have to be expensive and shouldn’t take a half hour to receive. Our unique convection oven from Italy will cook your pizza in two minutes on rotating stone slats.”

The restaurant also features seven large video monitors spooling content from around the world that includes extreme athletes, adventure travel and nature shots from remote locations. Located under the clock tower and across from Blue Barn, the new 2,500 square foot upscale fast casual restaurant features distressed brick walls, timber beams, and natural wood tabletops. For more information visit


Marin Pizza Announces Second Location in Berkeley California

Marin Pizza announced today the acquisition of the Farm Burger lease at 1313 Gilman Street in Berkeley, California.  Marin Pizza will operate a farm-to-table fast casual burger, pizza and salad restaurant called Berkeley Burgers in the 3,129 square foot location. following Farm Burger’s successful launch at this location in 2014. Farm Burger will concentrate its store growth in the South East (where the company was founded) and assigns the lease to Marin Pizza effective November 1st.  Farm Burger and Marin Pizza share the same vision for what consumers are looking for in today’s restaurant landscape:  nutritious farm fresh food sold at an affordable price and served quickly in an authentic atmosphere.  

"We wish Marin Pizza every success with their new store in Berkeley, California" said Jason Mann, CEO of Farm Burger.  "We are delighted that they intend to keep the original store design and plan to retain the majority of our staff.”  “This location should be ideal for Marin Pizza given its focus on healthy living and healthy food, which are core values to so many consumers in Berkeley, as well.”  The store will be called Berkeley Burgers and offer custom made burgers, pizza and salads for a fixed price of $12.95.  

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